Xvive U3 Wireless Dynamic Microphone System

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Xvive U3 Plug-on Microphone Wireless System for Dynamic Microphone, Audio Mixer, PA System 
Turn your favorite dynamic microphone into a wireless mic!
Designed to make dynamic microphones wireless, the U3 features audiophile sound quality, compact size and stable, reliable wireless transmission. The U3 is suitable for live music performance, recording sessions, theatrical productions, public speaking, outdoor applications and more. It even works as a wireless unit for active loudspeakers, and as a wireless extension for XLR cables!

  • Rechargeable batteries with up to 4-5 hours of battery life or both receiver and transmitter units
  • Utilizing the 2.4GHz wireless band, with its high dynamic range and wide frequency response, you are assured of high-quality audio
  • Up to 90 feet of wireless range (dependent on environmental factors)
  • This system broadcasts on 6 channels simultaneously, and is suitable for live vocals, presentations, video productions, and houses of worship

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