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Inearz Audio was started in 2003, by Kim Fisher and his wife Cindy.  Kim noticed that many of the major in ear monitor companies developed the auspicious practice of not repairing their own products once they reached five years of use.  It appears they were only interested in selling new products to their loyal customers! Having served the local community in Central Florida for over 30 years as an electronics technician, Kim was familiar with building and repairing all kinds of ear-level products, from hearing aids to direct audio devices for motorcyclists and police forces as well as audiophiles.  Kim took this knowledge and started a new division in his company at the time - Fisher Technologies, Inc - and created Inearz Audio. 

Word quickly spread that good service and reasonable prices were available and that people could get their older in-ear monitors repaired.  For over 15 years, Kim and Cindy did good business from their all-make repair facility employing upwards of 15 people.  Everyday, Kim would get a multitude of brands in for service and had to not only figure out how to rebuild these products without drawings or documentation, but he had to convey to the staff how to fix every brand of in ear monitor on the planet!  Now, that seems impossible, but what came of this labor of love is that he learned the "best of the best" techniques.  Knowing the similarity in defects from different brands told him which brands had conquered certain problems that other brands had yet to figure out.  Armed with the keys to the technological kingdom of in ear monitors, Kim decided it was time to build his own brand of in ear monitor - and thus Inearz Audio became a place where everyone could afford to purchase a set of their own custom Inearz!  In 2019, and over 40 years in the custom in ear business, Kim decided to chase the grandchildren and pursue some of life's other passions like motorcycle riding.  Located just in the neighboring town, Persona Medical knew of his reputation as a perfectionist and audio engineering guru and thus made the easy decision to purchase Inearz Audio. 

As the company grew, it was no longer efficient to keep the all-make repair and remold business going, and so we focused on our own product line and continuing the legacy of perfecting the art and science of in ear monitors.  Persona Medical is the oldest custom manufacturer of hearing aids in the USA (since 1966), is FDA registered and has a complete line of patented hearing protection devices.  Our products are currently sold in over 40 countries. We hope you will find the same great care and attention to your products and needs.  We have added much to the product line, including high resolution logo capabilities, digital scanning of impressions, the hearing protection system ADEL, and industry leading cables as well as other bluetooth options and an entirely new division, Inearz Sport, which helps to satisfy industry and motorsports needs.  We are the first (maybe only) in ear monitor company to offer a money back guarantee and residual upgrade program and have the best warranty in the industry.  Come in - take a look around, and realize you can make us your Inearz home - we will be there for you just the way the Fisher family would have it! 


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