What makes a great in ear monitor audio cable?

The construction of the wire is important. Beyond the number of braids, the tightness of the twist, the turns per inch, the coating of the wire insulation, the purity of the contacts, the tolerance of the plugs, comes the actual materials used in the wire itself. Any of these issues can have an effect on quality, but only if you start with a strong core, can you achieve high fidelity.

TPA1 Audio Cable

Shown is cross-section of 8 braided cores

TPA1 Audio cable diagram

OCC and OFC Explained

OCC and OFC are abbreviations used to describe different types of wire constructions used in ear speaker cables, particularly when it comes to purity. Here's what each term stands for and what it signifies:

  1. OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) Wire Construction:
    OCC refers to a wire construction method developed by Professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan. It involves a specialized process of casting high-purity copper or silver using a single crystal mold. The resulting wire has a single crystal structure, which is believed to offer superior conductivity and reduce signal distortion.

When it comes to OCC in ear speaker wire, the 5N purity specification (our Touring Pro Audio Cable) indicates that the copper used in the wire is 99.999% pure. The "5N" notation is a shorthand way to express the purity level, where each "9" represents a decimal point. Therefore, 99.999% purity corresponds to five nines purity.

2. OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) Wire Construction:
OFC refers to a type of copper wire that has undergone a process to remove oxygen from the copper material. Oxygen is known to impede conductivity, so removing it from the copper results in improved electrical properties. OFC wire is widely used in various audio applications due to its good conductivity and relatively lower cost compared to other high-purity wire options.

While the 5N purity specification is not commonly associated with OFC wire, it is worth noting that OFC wire can have varying levels of purity. The most common purity level for OFC wire is 99.99%, which is commonly referred to as "4N" purity.

In summary, OCC and OFC are different wire constructions used in speaker cables. OCC wire is known for its single crystal structure and is often associated with high-purity copper or silver, such as 5N purity. OFC wire, on the other hand, is oxygen-free copper with varying levels of purity, typically 99.99% (4N purity).

TPA1 audio cable
TPA1 Audio Cable in Silver
TPA1 Audio cable diagram

Touring Pro Audio Series 2-Pin Cable

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Upgrade your current 2-Pin copper cables and experience technical finesse, better resolution, imaging and headroom.

Eight braids, each containing 73 cores of Blue Litz and Silver Plated Litz wire for incredible transparency, detail and definition. These cables are manufactured to the highest standards for durability, audio quality and efficiency.  The jacket cover has a luxurious feel and beautiful braided design that resists corrosion and damage from both sun and sweat.  The cord has a durable but light weight feel with molded ear hook for over-the-ear retention. 

Backed by our Limited 1 Year Warranty.

Soldered joints typically found in Y-type cable splitters are prone to breakage, corrosion, and high resistance. Our cables are only connected at the ends, ensuring not only a perfect flow of electrons through the wire, but also a consistent inductance between right and left channels.

The TPA1 cable does not fit in our standard case and therefore when purchasing a new set of Inearz monitors, you will receive an upgraded hard case for free!

See our hard case below:

Inearz Hard Carry Case

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  • High Fidelity 2 Pin Detachable Audio Cable
  • Gold plated sockets
  • Y-type cable non-solder splitter
  • Round cable slider
  • Male-Male connectors
  • 0.78mm 2Pin Terminal Connector
  • 3.5mm straight connector
  • 1.25m (50") cable length
  • 584 Total Litz 5N OFC & Litz Silver Plated 5N OCC cable
  • 99.999% sterling silver
  • Ergonomic Molded retention earhook
  • Tangle resistant braided wire
  • Cut/Fray/Sweat resistant shielding
    Resistance <0.5 ohms +/- 0.25
    Core / Strands / Litz 8 braids, 7 strands / 584 wires
    Termination Straight 1/8″ (3.5mm)
    Memory Wire 2.5"
    Plug Type 2-pin (0.78mm)
    Warranty 1 Year Limited