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Released at the NAMM2024 show to rave reviews, we hope you find our new Z22 to be a very special offering.

This is the same sound quality as the Z22, but offered with Ambient Acoustic Filters!

The Z22 Ambient includes two user changeable filter styles (-19dB and Peace & Quiet) so that you can include ambience in your mix.  While other brands may offer ambience in their higher end custom models alone, we give you options!   Further, changing our filters also gives you some adjustment to the low frequency characteristics which can be enjoyed by singers and people desiring just a little less bass response.  Hey, more options is better!

If you find you are having fun with this Z22 Ambient model, then pick up our other filters for even more control.   We offer four total filters and you can choose them all up-front for a discount.

The Z22 Ambient also includes our unique Blue Paua Abalone Faceplates!   We really can't underscore how beautiful these babes are!   Everyone is unique as mother nature intended.   Made from Indonesian shells, we hope you enjoy them for years to come as your fellow band-mates will be quite jealous!  :)


To order ALL the extra filters available for the Z22 go to:  Musician's Filter Page



Never before has an internal speaker been balanced to the degree of the Z22.

Using patent pending technology, the Z22 reduces pneumatic pressure on your eardrum with a novel bi-directional pressure relief port.  The end result is that the speaker is also able to convey nuances of soft and loud sounds without being constrained from internal impedance mismatches.   The response curve of the Z22 is so honest and yet drives powerfully as needed.   The extended high frequencies complete the boundaries of human hearing without harshness.   You will hear things in music for the first time, even though you may have heard that song for 20 years!

The dual magnetic dynamic driver will rock you out.   Put it to the test, and you will find virtually no fatigue due to the bi-directional pressure relief port.   If your eardrum is stressed, it can tighten up, (called the acoustic reflex) and this tightening shifts frequencies and can cause ear fatigue.  Protect your ears with Z22!

Our dual port design is a new innovation as well.   Multi-ports allowed us to fine tune the Z22 without the typically peaks and valleys found in single ported in ear monitors.  Each port naturally has it's own resonance characteristics, but by adjusting the size and location and length, we are able to achieve a more balanced sound without loss of lows or highs.

Our magnetic circuit system adopts dual Neodymium magnets.  Neodymium is a type of permanent rare earth magnet, and is the strongest magnet in the world. Crafted from neodymium, iron, and boron (NdFeB), these magnets provide exceptionally reliable performance while yielding a super high magnetic flux of 1.5t.  The end result is deeper lows, with a fast response mid-frequency. The bass has fast attack, and natural decay, and the sub-bass rumble is noticeable though it won’t rattle your brain. The mid-bass punch also adds body and physicality to the lower region without becoming prominent.

Trust us, this bass is not lacking!  But those looking to drive maximum physicality and slam may choose to go with our custom versions that have even more sub-bass.  We chose this signature sound to appeal to a very wide audience but not those particularly looking for bass dominance.

Our LDMD (Large Dual Magnetic Diaphragm) helps to extend the highs naturally without harshness but deep in character well beyond the range of human hearing.  You will find the Z22 has precise imaging and a wide soundstage.

Finally, note that our Z22 carries forward the award winning shape and comfort from the Zen series of products.   With a highly ergonomic shape, we are able to fit most ears far more comfortably than any other universal model on the market today.  If it doesn't feel good, why would you wear it?!

All of our products are carefully handcrafted by our dedicated technicians, many with over 20+ years of experience, while using the latest technology and equipment to ensure a high quality product for you to enjoy for years to come.

Patent Pending

Driver  LDMD Dual Magnetic Dynamic
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Impedance 22 ohms @ 1kHz
Output Sensitivity 106 dB SPL (dB/Mw)
Isolation (Peace & Quiet filter)

-31dB (+/- 2dB) 

Socket Type 2-pin

1/8″ (3.5mm)Stereo Jack

Industry first 30-day money back guarantee

1-year limited warranty

Z22 Ambient Universal In-Ear Monitors

-19dB Filter; Peace & Quiet Filter

Black 2-Pin Elite Cable

Round Case

Soft Zipper Pouch

Cleaning Tool

Cord Keeper

Silicone Ear Tips (S, M, L)

Customer Reviews

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Erika Moul
INCREDIBLE! What a beautiful look and sound; must haves!

Still giving a 5-star because they not only provide extremely beautiful sound, but they are so dreamy to look at. Abalone shell is so symbolic and they look stunning. Love all the extras and the cases. Only downside is, they don't like to stay in my ears. I've tried the smallest pieces but maybe that's why? Or my ears are slippery? ha! Not sure, and hoping to find a solution as the sound is almost unREAL! Thanks guys!

Hi there, thank you for your amazing review of our Z22 Ambient Inearz Audio! We are thrilled to hear that you love the beautiful look and incredible sound of our product. We put a lot of effort into creating a stunning design and high-quality sound, so we are happy to see that it is appreciated. We are sorry to hear that they are not staying in your ears, but we are glad that you are trying different options. We are confident that you will find a solution so you can fully enjoy our product. Thank you for your support and happy listening!

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