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P350 with ADEL

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An introduction in to our professional series, comes the P350. This model has always been a very popular and reliable setup for both musicians and audiophiles alike. These have a clean yet accurate sound signature from the output of the dual mid/woofer and the single tweeter.

All of our products are carefully handcrafted by our technicians with over 20+ combined years of experience, while using the latest technology and equipment to ensure a high quality product for you to enjoy for years to come.

Driver Type/Count Three balanced armature receivers
Driver Configuration 1 high, 2 mid/low
Frequency Response



16 Ohm @ 1kHz




-18dB (+/- 2dB)

Socket Type

T2™ or 2-Pin

Termination 1/8″ (3.5mm)Stereo Jack

Industry first 30-day money back guarantee

1-year limited warranty

1-year fit warranty

P350 Custom In-Ear Monitors

T2™ Linum BaX Cable or 2-Pin Elite Cable

S1 ADEL modules

Personalized Carry Case

Cleaning Tool

Leather Cord Keeper

InEarz Audio Sticker

Customer Reviews

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Jesse Nelson
Not sure its worth the extra

I've had customs with and without. I can't tell much of a difference. I received the standard ADEL modules that came with the molded set.

Thanks for your honest comments! We agree that some people don't notice a big difference in sound with and without the ADEL. We tend to get more effect of the soundstage as you add more monitors with the ADEL. With more differentiation (the added speakers/drivers), the soundstage opens even further. At least you can feel that your ears are not getting fatigued as with other brands, and protecting your hearing is surely invaluable.

Bill Beyer
Great set of IEMs

The fit is superb! The ear buds literally sink into my ear, without pushing them in, and they stay put creating great isolation.

I chose different color (gold, silver) logos for each ear bud, for quick reference. However, the colors are too similar on stage/lights. No problem, the ear buds are factory labelled "left" and "right."

Sound quality is high, partly due to the isolation.

I like my Inearz P350 w/ADEL very much. Highly recommend.

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