HELYES Euphoria

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“a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.”

This model is exactly that, with a very wide soundstage and emphasized bass the audiophile tuned “Euphoria” model will bring a very smooth and exhilarating music experience. This is a must for audiophiles and singers/on-stage musicians.

All of our products are carefully handcrafted by our technicians with over 20+ combined years of experience, while using the latest technology and equipment to ensure a high quality product for you to enjoy for years to come.

Driver Type/Count Six balanced armature receivers
Driver Configuration 2 high, 2 mid, 2 low
Frequency Response



12 Ohm @ 1kHz




-26dB (+/- 2dB)

Socket Type

T2™ or 2-Pin

Termination 1/8″ (3.5mm)Stereo Jack

Industry first 30-day money back guarantee

1-year limited warranty

1-year fit warranty

Euphoria Custom In-Ear Monitors

T2™ Linum SuperBaX Cable or 2-Pin Elite Series Cable

Personalized Carry Case

Rechargeable Case: provides power to the ambient system

Cleaning Tool

Leather Cord Keeper

InEarz Audio Sticker

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
David Atwater
I have struck Gold!

Holy ****!!! I feel like I have struck gold! These are awesome. I still hear some of the head voice but the active switch relieves the "pressure". What's crazy is that the IEM direct sound doesn't loose any low end or signal at all when the active switch comes in. Wow... You guys killed it!

Edward Muller
IEMs Great. Case Bad.

The actual IEMs are fantastic except for the switch. If it could be a switch that is depressed to turn on and off, that would prevent accidentally turning them on when putting them back in the case. When working, they are an absolute game changer.

Speaking of the case... The case is functional at best. It seems like a prototype that was rushed to be finished. For $2200, I was expecting a better product. Some improvements 1. The holder mechanism for the IEM is a good idea with poor execution. To get the IEM to mount on the magnets while tucking away the cable is like making a house of cards. The slightest bump and it comes off. This could easily be solved with some clips for the cable to stick in/be fixed to. Another alternative would be creating a silicone mold of the shapeof the earbuds so they could only go in one way. 2. USB2 B micro? It's almost 2024. USB C chips are pennies. 3. There is no battery in the case. If I accidentally flip the switch while putting the IEMs on the charger, then take it to a gig, they are almost dead by the time I get to the performance.

Thank you so much for your review. We admit our focus was on building a great performing, completely integrated, ambient mic IEM, and it sounds like we accomplished that. The rest are things we can focus on improving in the future.

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