Zen4 Bluetooth Wireless Bundle

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The Legendary Zen4...Now Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless

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With rich bass, smooth mids and exhilarating highs, this 4 driver in-ear system tells a story that just has to be heard to believe. Featuring ADEL Technology along with an expertly crafted 4-driver balanced armature module. The universal fit shell comes with a selection of replaceable tips to ensure a comfort fit that can be personalized.

ADEL Technology absorbs the pneumatic pressure inside your ear.  Normal IEMs and earbuds create the equivalent of 120dB of pressure on your ear drum at just 65dB of output.  This puts your eardrum into protection mode, reducing its sensitivity by 15dB and increasing ear fatigue which can lead to hearing loss. ADEL Technology reduces the pressure, keeping the ear drum in its natural relaxed state, increasing sensitivity and clarity, and reducing ear fatigue.  Isn't it time to let your ears relax in a state of Zen.

The Zen4 monitors are built with 0.78mm 2-Pin style sockets.  Our wireless, rechargeable system replaces the standard 2-Pin cable to create a true wireless solution.  High performance Bluetooth 5.0 chipset provides a fast and stable connection, with low latency* and superior sound via Bluetooth audio streaming. Built-in microphone with enhanced noise reduction suppresses background noise. Flexible earhooks provide a comfortable fit around the ear.  Made from thermoplastic elastomer that is soft, hypoallergenic and able to withstand continuous bending and reshaping as well as climatic heat and body sweat.  The Wireless Bluetooth Adapter system features:

  • 0.78mm 2-Pin style connectors
  • 9 hours of continuous playback per charge
  • 180 hours standby per charge
  • 700mAh portable charging case provides up to 7 re-charges
  • Water resistant design with Nano Waterproof Coating
  • DSP Noise Reduction Technology helps reduce background noise and echo feedback for a quieter and more seamless use experience.
  • One button controls power, pairing, play/pause, previous/next track and answer/end call

*Bluetooth latency is still too great for most musicians to use in a live stage setting.

Package includes:

  • One pair of Zen4 in ear monitors with metal carry case and soft zipper case
  • Cleaning tool and Tip organizer with Sm/Md/Lg Silicone Tips | Option: Foam tips
  • One pair of Bluetooth Wireless Adapters
  • One Bluetooth Wireless Adapter charging/carrying case
  • One USB charging cord
  • One 2-Pin style IEM cord

Click Here to Download the Bluetooth User Manual

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