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Zen 4 Inearz Description

The pinnacle of design and technology has come to Zen. With rich bass, smooth mids and exhilarating highs, this 4 driver in-ear system tells a story that just has to be heard to believe. Featuring ADEL Technology along with an expertly crafted 4-driver balanced armature module. The universal fit shell comes with a selection of replaceable tips to ensure a comfort fit that can be personalized. Your ears are punished enough, isn't it time to let them relax in a state of Zen.

Drive Type/Count Four balanced armature receivers
Driver Configuration 2 high/mid, 2 low 
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Impedance 28 ohms @ 1kHz
Crossover 4-way

-26dB (+/- 2dB) 

Socket Type 2-pin

1/8″ (3.5mm)Stereo Jack

Industry first 30-day money back guarantee

1-year limited warranty

Zen 4 Universal In-Ear Monitors

Black 2-pin cable

S1 ADEL Modules

Round Case

Soft Zipper Pouch

Cleaning Tool

Cord Keeper

Silicone Ear Tips (S, M, L) | Option: Foam tips

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Customer Reviews

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D. West
They sound like a $100k stereo on your head

I had time to use the Zen4s both in my studio and with personal monitoring live last night at a rehearsal.

First, I really dig the packaging and kit that you get. The Logo design, coloring, look and feel promote gear lust (legal by the way) and I was certainly captive to it. Very impressive. I really love the construction of the earpieces themselves—rock solid and easy to set in your ears.
Now for the sound. I listened to some recently mastered mixes of my own and it was jaw-dropping good... I’ve used some of the other contenders and I can say without flinching that none of them have the sound of the Zen 4.
I noticed, absolute high headroom with no distortion of any frequencies. The bottom was tighter than I’ve ever experienced without getting boomy and colored. The mids were astounding. Softer elements of my (and other mixes) were easy to hear, nothing was lost due to inefficient delivery. The highs were totally pristine without being harsh at all. I can’t say enough about the spatial sonics. It was a joy to listen to some favorite classics by the Beatles, Zep. Gabriel, etc. To sum up, the sound like a 100K stereo system on your head.

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