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Musician Earplugs

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Custom silicone earplugs made to reduce outside noise while retaining a clear listening experience.


-3 levels of sound reduction (-9dB, -15dB and -25dB)
-Interchangable filters
-Custom to your ear, requires ear impressions to build)


-Reduces outside noise evenly so everything is more natural, clear and not muffled as other earplugs do
-Reduced risk of hearing damage or loss
-Enhance your listening experience while protecting your hearing.


Which Musicians Earplug is Right for You?

ER•9* ER•15* ER•25* Harmful Sound Comes From:
Small strings   Own instrument, other strings
Large strings   Brass
Woodwinds     Brass, percussion
Brass   Own instrument, other brass
Flutes     Percussion
Percussion   Own instruments, other percussion
Vocalists   Own voice, speakers, monitors
Acoustic guitar   Drums, speakers, monitors
Amplified instruments   Speakers, monitors
Marching bands     Multiple sources
Music teachers     Multiple sources
Recording engineers     Speakers, monitors
Sound crews     Speakers, monitors


*Ref: Chasin, M. Musicians and the Prevention of Hearing Loss. Singular Publishing Group

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